"Youth Is A Gift of Nature, Aging Is A Work of Art" Stanislaw Lec

The print and electronic advertising media are more than happy to tell us what aging is all about. From their perspective, aging is about illness, forgetfulness and being wrinkled—About bladder control problems and constipation— hardly things to look forward to! No wonder people aren’t investing in their 401ks’ as they should! Garvey uses humor and insight to encourage people to examine their own images of growing older and stop utilizing their dollars and energy to deny their aging.

The anti-aging industry is estimated to top $79 billion dollars in the next five years. Their marketing strategy is based on our culture’s fear of aging and belief that we can hold on to our youth by buying this, drinking that or using just the right anti aging lip gloss! (Some people might even shave their beards off because they think it makes them look old!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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